Make Sure You Have A Durable Roof Over Your Head

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Florida natives are familiar with the power of tropical storms from the gulf and the damage that can be caused by debris in such storms. Florida Legacy Roofing, LLC provides the highest-quality metal roofing in New Port Richey, FL and beyond. You can trust that your home will be protected from the top down with a professionally installed metal roofing system. Not only is metal quiet in the rain but it is also extremely strong and durable, has a lifespan of 40-70 years, and helps homeowners reduce their monthly heating and cooling costs by up to 25%. Residential metal roofing is a long-term solution for your Florida home.

Why More Are Choosing Metal Roofs

Worrying about your metal roof being noisy in rainy weather is a thing of the past.

A long-standing myth is that metal roofs can be noisy, especially in the rain. However, with three layers of protection and extra insulation, that myth could not be farther from the truth! This perception is usually held by people who have stood under a barn or shed with a metal roof during a storm and have heard raindrops hitting the roof with no underlayment or insulation beneath the panels.

A metal roof isn't just slapped down onto your home's frame.

Multiple layers are used to offer more protection and insulation and reduce noise.

In most cases, a solid wood decking or sheathing layer is laid down first. We highly recommend removing any previous roofing materials before installing a new roof; by removing previous materials, any issues such as mold or leaks that may cause bigger issues later on can be identified and remedied before the metal is installed.

Next, a layer of underlayment is laid down. Underlayment is a secondary waterproofing material that is installed between the substrate (or decking) and the metal panels themselves. Even if you choose to install the metal over old roofing materials such as shingles, underlayment is required by code. Finally, the metal panels are then laid down and secured.

Most homes' attic spaces are then even further insulated, which is the biggest factor reducing noise to an even greater extent. Insulation absorbs noise from rain with ease. With three layers and plenty of insulation to absorb and muffle sounds, most homeowners have found their metal roofs to be just as quiet as other materials.

The way that roofs are installed over residential homes is very different from how they're installed over secondary structures. This installation process results in metals roofs that are just as quiet as other roofing materials during thunderstorms.

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